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Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

Ravings of a Mass Media Madman

You Can't Stop A Train Wreck

The following blog entry is the opinion of the author and in no way reflects the opinions of the employees and management of The Original Company as a whole.
The federal government doesn’t care about the people. Especially in the current administration, the only thing they care about is padding their own pockets and getting votes so they can keep their cushy “do-nothing” jobs.
            Knox County Farmer and Indiana Farm Bureau President Don Villwock is in the news today. He’s asking the federal government to continue to use ethanol in gasoline. The Obama administration has decided that the corn-based additive in our fuel is not working the way it was supposed to and they’re getting ready to scrap the whole system.
            This means farmers across the nation and possibly the world are going to take a hit in the wallet. Villwock said the price of ethanol has already dropped since the information was leaked in October. That means a lot of farmers have already taken a hit.
            It makes sense to use ethanol in our gas; it burns cleaner, it’s cheap so it helps keep fuel costs down. In fact, one would think since it’s more environmentally friendly, the current administration would be all for keeping it.

            But here’s the problem and it’s a dirty little secret of politics. Every politician on the national, state and even to some degree the local level are all about themselves regardless of party affiliation. They don’t care about the American working man. They really don’t even care about the “entitled” who believe they shouldn’t have to work.

            Politics is all about making money, getting votes, getting on the taxpayer gravy train pension plan and retiring early.

            So how does all that relate to ethanol? Well, it’s simple. For two years now, there have been reports about how the federal and state governments are regretting their push toward fuel efficiency because they aren’t getting as much gas tax. The government has band-aided this with “Wheel Taxes” and starting next year a raise in fuel tax. But that’s not enough. Our leaders, whom we’ve all elected, want more and it won’t be enough until there’s nothing else for them to take. Even then they’ll want more.
            By using less ethanol in gasoline, it’s going to create a surplus. The market will be flooded and the American farmer will lose money. But it also drives the price of crude oil up because there’s going to be more of a demand for it. And since the Administration is against off-shore drilling, fracking and anything else that can drive gas prices down, the cost of gas at the pump is going to go up.
That means more money for the federal government because more money is being spent. The bottom line is their pockets are going to be padded while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.

            Villwock is urging farmers across the Hoosier state to join him in pleading with the government to forget this idea. But as with Obamacare, Shovel-Ready jobs, No Child Left Behind, Solyndra, and the countless other failed government ideas from over the years, they’re minds are made up and to heck with how it will affect the American people.
The saddest part of the whole situation, it will stay this way until someone finds a way to hold them accountable for their actions.
Jason Tiller is a news reporter for The Original Company. In his spare time he sits on the street corner playing harmonica for spare change.

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12/16/2013 1:24PM
You Can't Stop A Train Wreck
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