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Wrong on This One

When I was working on WZDM for Ed Ballinger last week, I tried really hard to not mess it up.  I checked the weather forecast numerous times throughout each shift, knowing that the National Weather Service is all over this weather thing.  And when I left late Friday afternoon, I knew the weekend was going to be hot, but not much rain in the forecast.Once again, trust in someone else failed.  I have never driven through as heavy a rain as I drow through Friday night between the White River and St. Thomas.  then there was the downtpours in Vincennes Saturday.  I was out of town, but the radar, puddles in my yard, and a tramatized dog were all reminders that the forecast let me down.

Oh.  You didn't get a drop all weekend?  The forecast was perfect?  Your fields are dry enough for wheat harvest?  Never mind.  The forecast was perfect.  I shouldn't have worried.

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06/23/2013 11:59AM
Wrong on This One
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