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Wreaths Honor Indiana’s War Heroes

Volunteers across Indiana are honoring fallen military heroes one wreath at a time.

Wreaths Across America began in 1992, when a wreathmaker donated 5 thousand Christmas wreaths that were placed at graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

Since then it has grown to more than 300 locations, including 10 in the Hoosier State.

Dana Vann is the coordinator at the Indiana State Soldiers’ Home Cemetery in West Lafayette.

Vann’s son is buried at Arlington.

And she says that’s why she started the project a couple of years ago.

She says she can’t go to Arlington every Christmas so she does it in West Lafayette.

Vann says she gets a lot of satisfaction out of doing things for other veterans.

In the first year, Vann said they had enough sponsors to put a wreath at half of the graves.

She hopes in the coming years there will be enough donations to adorn all the resting places of all military members at the cemetery.

Ceremonies will be held on December 14th in each state and overseas, and the goal this year is to place 500 thousand wreaths on veterans’ graves nationwide.