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Working Together

Great to see Knox County and Vincennes officials working together.  Interesting to see where the community's growth may be going.  The County Council has joined the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission in applying for a state funded project to expand Main Street from within the city limits out into the county.  Both groups have agreed to split the local match if the proposal is funded.

If funded, it will take a long time to get the project completed, but when its done there will be another area for commercial expansion.  And when (and it will be when) Hart Street is expanded from Richard Bauer Drive to at least Tower Road which will also need to be improved, the new commercial zone will have been created.  In a few years, Lincoln High School will not be on the edge of town, but in the center of the new mixed commercial and residential area bounded by Main Street, Tower Road (and a couple of connecting roads), State Road 61, and Bierhouse Blvd.

Now, what the City of Vincennes needs to do is bite the political and economic bullet and annex that ground so when it does develop it develops as part of the City of Vincennes.

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12/11/2013 6:24AM
Working Together
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