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Why it's GOOD to be Geno Smith

     The most humiliating thing anywhere is to be last one picked for a team.  You remember that feeling when you were in school?  You felt lower than a pop can under a 500-pound anvil. 
      Enter Geno Smith.  Some considered Smith a possible high draft choice-- and indeed, he was in the "green room" awaiting his name to be called in the first round.  The only problem was, it was never called.  Smith left Radio City Music Hall hurt, disappointed, and a bit angry.    But-- an angry QB on Draft Night could lead to a fantastic QB on Game Day. 
       Remember, a few years ago, there was another quarterback who dropped down the pecking order-- to 25th in the first round, when he was expected to be a top 10 choice.  He sat in the green room hurt, disappointed, and VERY angry-- somewhat like Smith.  Whatever happened to that quarterback?  He has become a franchise signal caller for the Green Bay Packers, and replaced another legend in Brett Favre.  His name was Aaron Rodgers-- the pre-State Farm Aaron Rodgers. 
       Do you remember a quarterback who nobody wanted in tle late 1970's?  San Francisco took a chance in the third round on a young, blond quarterback out of Notre Dame.  He turned out to be Joe Montana-- and what kind of career did he have?  He even had a town named after him-- Joe, Montana (true story, look it up!)
       There was also a sixth round pick in recent years out of Michigan that tuned out pretty well for the New England Patriots.  His name was Tom Brady.  Last year, the debale was over Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck.  Flying under the radar?  Seattle's Russell Wilson-- a late first round selection who may be as good as the others.  Finally, my Cincinnati Bengals waited to the second round in the 2011 draft, and got a good deal on the Red Rifle-- Andy Dalton.
        So, it is good to Geno Smith-- and Matt Barkley, for that matter.  Remember him?  Both will be taken in the second round-- and both will have no problem with motivation.  The teams taking them will have plenty of value-- and plenty of reason to feel they made good selections.

                                                              That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee.

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04/26/2013 8:00AM
Why it's GOOD to be Geno Smith
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