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Whose Ccurbs Are They Anyway

The Vincennes City Council is considering an ordinance that will require individuals who work on curbs, sidewalks, or gutters make sure when the work is done, the work is up to ADA standards.  I have a couple of questions.  Except for curb cuts for new entry and exit to property why would anyone privately work on curbs and gutters?  Shouldn't they be maintained by the city?  Shouldn't the city only need to make sure the city's work is up to ADA standards?  We pay money for streets and roads that are to be maintained by the city not by individuals.

Curb cuts require approval by the Board of Works so just add that as a requirement of new curb cuts.  And now the concept of individuals working on curbs and gutters.  That should never happen.   The only reason it does happen is that the city does not take responsibility for one of the main responsibility it has - the above listed street maintenance.

Go to cities and towns that are perceived as clean and neat and I bet those communities have built and maintained curbs and gutters.  Those communities don't allow streets to be built without proper drainage, curbs, gutters, and usually sidewalks.  Then they maintain those assets.  And while I'm betting on money I've already paid in fees and property taxes to my city, in those "clean" towns individuals don't have to maintain their own curbs and gutters.

If Vincennes can't take care of their curbs and gutters, they shouldn't have the right to tell citizens who want their property to be safer and look better what to do about the broken down poorly maintained curbs the city refuses to maintain.

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11/14/2013 6:23AM
Whose Ccurbs Are They Anyway
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