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There is so much pressure for our children to perform on standardized tests.  I-Step seems to have become the focus of education right now and that's not good.  School should be about educating a child into a functioning adult and sometimes getting off academic tasks is important no matter what the State Legislature thinks.

Today a number of students from clubs at Lincoln High School will be working to help those affected by the Washington Tornado.  Principal Steve Combs told WZDM that those helped would reap more than those who help.  I beg to differ.  Even though there will be a lot of important help completed by the students, the students will benefit more in the long run than the people helped.  Academic testing is all about "me".  What did "I" get on the tests?  How will that help "me" later?  Community service is all about "spreading me".  How did I help?  Who was affected positively by my actions? 

I hope the Vincennes Schools don't get in trouble from the test pushers in Indianapolis for actually educating their students in an important non-academic "subject".  We'll see.  I bet the local schools had to ask if helping their neighbors was OK.

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11/20/2013 6:24AM
Which is More Helpful
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