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Where was the big Announcement

If a new business coming to town announced 50 new jobs there would be a huge hoopla.  If a new business coming to town announced they would employ a dozen people there would still be a lot of talk.  But like school, the attention generally given to the new girl in class is much more positive than to those other girls that were sitting in the same room as last year.

Schott-Gemtron located quietly near Kimmell Park has finished the moving of one of its most popular production lines to Vincennes.  Now even more glass parts for refrigerators and freezers will be made here and the move has increased employment.  Not a dozen jobs, not even fifty jobs, but 115 jobs according to the Schott folks.

Jobs come and go in manufacturing and Schott has laid people off in the past, but the movement of a strong production line to our town and the hiring of over 100 people who will be working everyday in jobs that will bring outside money to our community is very positive.

We need a little Hoopla for Schott-Gemtran.

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08/02/2013 6:23AM
Where was the big Announcement
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