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What's this about Trick or Treating?

The Police Chief and Mayor of Vincennes seem to be obsessed with telling us that the "One Day" trick or treating announcement was just a suggestion.  Did anyone think it was a law?  Probably not.  Unless you are selling something without a city permit you can go up to any door in town any day of the year and knock on the door and give them your pitch.  Whether it's something from your elementary school, something for your God, or "Trick or Treat" as Nike would say "Just Do it!"

Nobody has to buy your elementary school fund raising cookie dough.  Nobody has to accept your God.  Nobody has to give you a trick OR a treat - even on Halloween.  In fact, I bet there are a whole lot of folks that have bought Halloween candy yet don't answer the door.  How do I know? Err.  I uh err. Well ya know....

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10/25/2013 7:34AM
What's this about Trick or Treating?
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