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What's the Plan?

There's a commercial floating around about planning for disaster.  The Knox County Red Cross just released a reminder to have an emergency plan and some supplies on hand.  And while I've thought about having a better personal emergency plan and even throught about the supplies, I'm really not any more ready today after we had tornados in the area yesterday than I was on Saturday the day before we had November Tornados.  I'm probably not alone.  This does not refer to those folks featured on Dooms Day Planners and similar TV shows, but it does refer to just regular folks with flashlights and portable radios - and working batteries, water and food for two or three days, medicine for the same period, AND a plan.  Where will you meet?  What will you take with you?  Remember two things:  The normal communications system including cells phones may not necessarily work and the internet is just as vunerable to disaster as the electric lines we depend on for so much of our existence.

Maybe yesterday's bad weather will get me moving.  We'll at least by the end of the month I should be able to put some time into the plan.

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11/18/2013 6:22AM
What's the Plan?
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