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What's This Holiday About ...again

As the unionized US workforce gets smaller, there is discussion about the need for Labor Day.  Not from me of course, I'm for a holiday every Monday if we can figure out how to make enough hot dogs to cover all those picnics.

Such a plan would not only help the pork, chicken, beef, and associated animal by-products industries, but increase our national output of mustard and buns.  It would help our gas and oil industries because of all the family reunions.  52 Monday Holidays would give the banks and postal service some much needed rest.  And our garages?  We'll have the cleanest, neatest garages in the world!

Have a good holiday.  There won't be a post on this Blog on Monday.  Yep.  That might be the best reason for us to have a Monday holiday every Monday.  I like my hot dogs grilled to almost black in case you want to invite me over..

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08/30/2013 6:16AM
What's This Holiday About ...again
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