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What a Deal for Lawrenceville

At last night's Lawrenceville City Council meeting it was announced that Lawrenceville citizens will be saving about 17% on their electric bills for the next two years.  How can that be?  My electric bill rises and rises.

They get to save because Illinois has a law that allows for communities to band together and negotiate their rates as a group.  No such luck in Indiana.  In Indiana we remain at the mercy of our electric providers.  Little guys all alone against huge corporations.  What would you do with the money available by saving 17% on your electric bill?  Bet it would go directly to the local economy.  Bet the big electric utilities would survive too.

Maybe Indiana should seriously study something that would help virtually all of us.  The problem is I don''t have a highly paid gaggle of attorneys lobbying for me like the big utilitiy companies.  I can't take legislators out to high priced Indianapolis restaurants that I have never been in myself because I have nothing to offer those law makers.

Guess we Hoosiers will just keep paying higher and higher electric bills.

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05/10/2013 6:17AM
What a Deal for Lawrenceville
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