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What Did We Do Before This

It started out as a few unique little Christmas decorations.  You know those cute little blow up Santas and Reindeer.  Then it spread to other holidays and grew - actually GREW.  Now street after street has Halloween blow ups, some standing ten feet tall scaring the Almond Joys out of us when we turn a corner.  And the Christmas blowups.  There are not enough words to describe them.  

This is not a commercial, but to see a huge selection of everything blowup visit the Vincennes Lowes store.  You may think it's a lumber yard, but actually at this time of year it's a Blowup Decorations Mesuem.  Bring the kids.  Bring Grandma.  Take your Temporary Life Partner for a date night to see the display.  The Wabash Trails Park folks have nothing on these big displays.  Nothing.

And you can even buy them if your wife will let you.

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10/30/2013 6:26AM
What Did We Do Before This
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