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What About Those International Issues

There's always a lot of local chatter about local issues - in fact, in years past we actually talked to one another face to face in person about local issues.  Now of course we don't need to interact in person at all even if it's face to face.  My 3rd grade grand daughter talks with her friends about "local issues" face to face, but it's face to face on some sort of electronic hand held device.  "It's not a PHONE Papa, but I do WANT a phone.  Can you help me with that?..."  (No.)

Chatting about local issues is very important, but is the electronic chat we seem to have all adopted better or worse?  On the better side it does get your opinions out faster.  On the worse side your opinions are easily misconstrued because any emotion is added by the receiver and generally lacks real give and take as in a real conversation.

In fact, this whole thing is wrong.  Nobody CHATS much anymore at all.  We POST.  We REPLY.  We Facebook - a verb no less.  I'm going to fix myself in the past when I say - woops - POST that I'd rather sit on the porch and talk face to face than do this blog.

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09/13/2013 6:23AM
What About Those International Issues
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