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What About Businesses?

Vincennes elected and appointed officials continue looking for a way to pay for trash collection.  The new "One Armed Trash Bandit" seems to work well along most streets.  It's fast, it saves money they say, and does a clean job of the whole process.  But because many of us abuse the system and sneak in unstickered trash into the bins we call will pay and I'm afraid we will pay no matter how much trash we use.
At our house we have never used the new tote system - never.  But I bet we'll be paying for something we don't use shortly.

At our business we pay three times the property tax rate when compaired to homes, but the city won't pick up our trash whether it's stickered or not.  We also pay a ton of money each month for private trash collection.

Has anyone in the discussion raised the question of picking up business trash and charge businesses some sort of rate?  Business is already paying more property taxes and getting fewer services, but might be part of the solution - especially small businesses like insurance offices or hair places.  Has anyone in the discussion raised the question about people who don't use the system at all?  Why should they pay?
I know...  You don't use the Fire Department (most of the time), but it's there if you need it.  Maybe we should charge for fire runs...

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12/10/2012 6:23AM
What About Businesses?
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