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Weather Memories

It's funny how what's familiar changes over time. Over the weekend, my parents came to Robinson to visit and celebrate my birthday a few days early. They were amazed at how warm it was when they were here to visit. Coming from Iowa, I'm used to cold weather, but living here since 1999, I've become accustomed to the warmer weather in the Fall and Winter.

They returned home to a winter weather advisory with a couple of inches of snow a possibility. It would be their first snow of the season. Growing up, I can remember snow even earlier than that. I even remember strapping on the Moon Boots back in the day to do some trick or treating in the snow.

We had a high of 70 yesterday. Growing up, hitting 70 in November would make for an unusually hot day. For that matter, even 60 in November would be considered a warm day. Believe me, I'll take 70 in November!

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11/09/2011 8:17AM
Weather Memories
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