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Was There Good Advice?

At last night's Bicknell City Council meeting it was reported that the community would run out of general fund money at the end of this month - and that's with the latest tax draw already taken and eleven more months to go in 2013.  You have to wonder if the City of Bicknell got its money's worth by hiring an expensive big time financial consultant from Indianapolis last year to help get that city out of its financial woes.
Maybe the City Council and Mayor couldn't or wouldn't make the hard decisions required to get back on a firm financial foundation, but whatever the case the next couple of weeks will be extremely important for the citizens of Bicknell.  The City Council will meet on January 28th to discuss more ways to get out of debt.

Bicknell residents should report their ideas to City Hall.  While it looks bleak right now, the smart money is that Bicknell will be out of its financial binds before the Federal Government, but that's another (huge) issue for another day.

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01/15/2013 6:15AM
Was There Good Advice?
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