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Vincennes Council Considering Hike in Parking Fines

The Vincennes City Council is considering a hike in parking fines.

Council approved an ordinance on first reading Monday night raising the fine for a first parking violation to $25.00.

The fine is now $3.00.

Each repeat violation adds $10.00 dollars to the fine.

For example, a second violation would result in a $35.00 fine, a third violation would cost you $45.00 and so on.

Handicapped parking violators would be fined $50.00 dollars the first time, $75.00 the second and $100 dollars for the third.

Councilman Chuck Sebring offered the updated fine schedule.

If approved, Sebring says the updated fines would geenrate additional revenue for the city and police department.

The ordinance could be approved on second and third readings at Council's August 11th meeting.