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Captain's Blog 100520.11 "Geeks Unite"

OK, were to begin......Well first off a sad day for Trekkies everywhere as Leonard Nimoy says farewell to Star Trek. During the past weekend's 45th annual Trekker gathering in Chicago, Leonard Nimoy said this year's event would be his last........Or will it ? Rumors are still around that he will once again put on the pointy ears for the sequel to J.J. Abrams Star Trek......We will see, until then “live long and prosper.”

In other geek news the Simpons are on their last leg. Reps for 20th Century Fox say that is the voice actors for the beloved series don't take a pay cut they can not continue under “the current business model”......right like the studio is going to give up the golden goose that easy. Even if the actors take the 45 % pay cut the studio is asking for they will still be making over 4 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. I think things will work out.........Stay tuned for the latest.

And now to our last bit of business. Here at the old radio station we get a ton of press releases talking about everything under the sun some more interesting than others, take this one for example....

Psychologists uncover the secrets of the sing-along song

So I read this and Chris Forde and I even looked up some of the lesser known songs on YouTube and I gotta be honest I don't think these guys have a clue what makes a good “sing-along song”....There are few of the entries that I agree with but some are so far out there.......What do you think ? Leave your comment below and discuss........

Until next time.........”Live long.....”wait I already did this bit didn't I. Oh well. “Live long and prosper.”

10/05/2011 10:55AM
Captain's Blog 100520.11 "Geeks Unite"
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