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Captain's Blog 032120.12 "Heros on the Half Shell"

REALLY.....Micheal Bay is at again. You know me I'm not one to get worked up over geek stuff BUT it is the Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles.......not the Alien Turtles. I will however reserve judgement. Bay says he is adding to the "richness of the back story " Last time I checked they had a back story. Oh well can't wait to see where this goes.....
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Captain's Blog 022220.12 "Back Fron The Delta Quadrant"

After a long absence from the blogosphere I am making a return two months into the new year, and if the Mayans are to be believed the final year of all time. In the world of entertainment we said goodbye to an icon. Whitney Houston was laid to rest over the weekend. A beautiful woman inside and out with a large number of demons to battle that appear to have been more than she could handle. On a lighter note The Celebrity Apprentiace is now on and I have a few reasons to let me my geek flag fly for this seasons run.......George Takei, Lou Ferrigno, and Paul Sr., just those three make one hell of a line up and I am looking forward to the drama that will no doubt unfold. How long before we hear “don't make him angry, you won't like him when he is angry....” My question is will they be talking about Lou or Paul because if you have ever watched American Chopper Paul gets a little worked up, granted he doesn't turn green but he does turn a nice shade red as his blood pressure hits the roof.....Already Paul was referring to George a “Star Trek”, LOL.....Well until next time, set a course for the Neutral Zone Mr. Sulu warp factor one........

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Captain's Blog 100520.11 "Geeks Unite"

OK, were to begin......Well first off a sad day for Trekkies everywhere as Leonard Nimoy says farewell to Star Trek. During the past weekend's 45th annual Trekker gathering in Chicago, Leonard Nimoy said this year's event would be his last........Or will it ? Rumors are still around that he will once again put on the pointy ears for the sequel to J.J. Abrams Star Trek......We will see, until then “live long and prosper.”

In other geek news the Simpons are on their last leg. Reps for 20th Century Fox say that is the voice actors for the beloved series don't take a pay cut they can not continue under “the current business model”......right like the studio is going to give up the golden goose that easy. Even if the actors take the 45 % pay cut the studio is asking for they will still be making over 4 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. I think things will work out.........Stay tuned for the latest.

And now to our last bit of business. Here at the old radio station we get a ton of press releases talking about everything under the sun some more interesting than others, take this one for example....

Psychologists uncover the secrets of the sing-along song

So I read this and Chris Forde and I even looked up some of the lesser known songs on YouTube and I gotta be honest I don't think these guys have a clue what makes a good “sing-along song”....There are few of the entries that I agree with but some are so far out there.......What do you think ? Leave your comment below and discuss........

Until next time.........”Live long.....”wait I already did this bit didn't I. Oh well. “Live long and prosper.”

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Captain's Blog 093020.11 "Too Busy"

It is hard to believe it is week 6 of the football season already....Where has the season gone ? Robinson looks to be the best bet to see or at least hear some palyoff football on WTYE. But don't count Pal-Hut or even Oblong for that matter out. Palestine is in a far better postion going into tonights game. The Panthers will have to win out to make the postseason and even fininshing with a record of 5-4 is a long shot. If Palestine wants to see football past week 9 they are going to have to paly better than they did last week. Palestine is a team that has all of the weapons to win they just need to go into the game and do what winning teams do.........score more points. : )

The weekend is shaping up to be a very busy one here in Crawford County with the Harvest Festival here in Robinson and the Wine and Arts Festival in Palestine. No matter where you are at this weekend grab a jacket it is gonna be on the cool side, as it should be in October. I am looking forward to being the "MC" for the Harvest Festival tomorrow. That is just the begining of my Saturday.....well actually getting up at 3:30am to come to the station and record a show is the begining of my Saturday. Then on to the Harvest Festival followed by a trip to Newton were I will be the DJ for the NHS calss of 1986 reunion, should be fun..........

Until next time....."live long and prosper"

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Captain's Blog 092620.11

OK well looks like I am going to be blogging from time to time. Of course mine would have to have a Star Trek vibe to it, I am after all a Trekkie at heart and Captain's Blog is just to perfect, I only wish I had thought of it. The name for my blog is the brain child of my wonderful wife Lisa. You will read her name a lot as well as the names of our kids Katie and Logan......I will try to not embarrass them to badly. Check back often.......

Captain Radio, Signing Out

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