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Rediscovering the Indiana Pacers

     The national media has re-discovered the Indiana Pacers.  After thriving in the NBA backwater all year, the Pacers are finally getting some national publicity.  I have been listening to ESPN Radio all morning, and even with the Pacers' good play, it has been as much about what the Knicks have done wrong as what the Pacers have done right.
      Now granted, Indiana is far from the NBA's sexiest team.  Name a starter on the Indiana roster well-known outside the Indianapolis metro area.  There is no LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul-- or Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks-- on the Pacer roster.  The best-known Pacer is STILL Reggie Miller-- who, ironically enough, is doing the Indiana-New York series on TNT.  Another twist to the tale... wouldn't it be a fitting thing if Indiana closed this series out in five in the same building where Reggie Miller became REGGIE MILLER-- the Apple's Madison Square Garden.  
       No, this team is not the glamorous group that Miller headed.  It is a group of talented players-- very talented, and getting better-- but hardly stars.  And that is just the way Coach Frank Vogel, and the Indiana Pacers, want it.  The Pacers aren't going to make many SportsCenter headlines...they just keep winning.  And despite a lack of star power, winning will get you noticed...eventually.

                                                                 That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.    

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05/15/2013 7:59AM
Rediscovering the Indiana Pacers
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