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Boston Strong

     Boston Strong.  It is amazing how many people hace come together so quickly, from so many areas, to show solidarity with Boston.  Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was spot-on when he said 18 years ago in the original production of Ken Burns' brilliant documentary "Baseball"... "Community...we are still not good at it-- except in times of crisis, and then we are magnificent at it."  That was well-spoken.  Before Monday's events, we thought of Boston as either a bunch of stuck-up strange-talking Brahmins, or a group of boorish, strange-talking longshoremen.  A couple of bombs changed that perception.  Now when we think Boston, we think "Boston Srong." 
     What is Boston Strong?  It is 17-thousand people singing the National Anthem with passion at a Boston Bruins game-- acapella and totally spontaneous.  It is volunteers doing the right thing-- taking whatever resources they had close and helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  It is light blue and gold ribbons to remember the dead and injured.  And, it is people from across the country forgetting their Boston prejudice, and helping a brother city in need.  That's Boston Strong.
        We had a similar situation concerning New York City in 2001.  Until 9/11, many HATED the NYC.-- or at least thought they did.  Four planes, two downed towers, and one country standing strong changed all that.  Ironically, even Boston-- New York's biggest sporting rival-- lent its support to the Apple in the days following the 2001 terrorist attack.  And to their ever-deserving credit, New York returned the favor to its counterpart throughout the last week.  That's Boston Strong.
         Finally, the emergency responders-- who providentially were already in place for the Boston Marathon-- waded right into danger as others fled the scene.  The police, fire crews, and emergency crews doing their job.  Or, as Alan Jackson deftly put it in his 9/11 tribute song "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning"-- the emergency workers "just doing what they do."  That's Boston Strong.
          This column is for all those who have persevered this week-- from Indiana's First City to one of America's first cities.  Puritan leader John Winthrop helped found Boston in the 1600's-- and it is good to see his work-ethic continues to this day.  For nearly 400 years... That's Boston Strong.

                                                              That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.    

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04/19/2013 7:46AM
Boston Strong
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