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This is Sectional Basketball

     Do you want any more proof that Sectional basketball week is the best weeks of basketball across Indiana?  The first two days have proved it. 
      On Tuesday, Rivet had Loogootee right where it wanted it-- at Loogootee-- and couldn't close the deal, as they lost in overtime.  On Wednesday, North Knox had favored Eastern Greene where THEY wanted them-- at home-- and they DID close the deal on a solid upset.  One team lets a favored opponent off the hook, the other takes the win hook, line, and sinker.  The upsets and the near-upsets-- THAT is what memories are made of.
      Every year, new sets of seniors play their last games before cheering fans.  Many in those cheer blocks are students-- who wish they could be there, but for some reason, can't be.  Some are parents-- men AND women who may have played the game before their offspring did.  Some are older men who remember their years as players, and how today's generation "just can't stack up" fundamentally to the teams before them.  And finally, some are old broadcsters like me-- who has seen and recorded the exploits of these players, and others, for years-- in my case, over 20 years.
       However, the greatest part of the Sectional is anticipation.  Do we have enough to beat this team?  Can we handle this great player?  Do we have the horses-- or the luck and skill-- to win the Sectonal, and move to the next level?  These-- and more-- are reasons we have loved Sectional Week.  It isn't what it used to be-- which is a whole other column in itself-- but it is still the best game in town for many small, medium, and large cities across Indiana.

                                                              That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee.

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02/28/2013 11:15AM
This is Sectional Basketball
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