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This Is Going to Read All Wrong

Got a call yesterday from a gentleman at the US Census Bureau who was calling about the US Census of Business.  Well, actually he was calling about the fact that I have not turned in the US Census of Business questionaire sent to me sometime in the past that I have failed to fill out.

Maybe the US Census Bureau has no business knowing about my business.  I've paid my taxes, done those forms, even offer health insurance before it is required or I get a fine.  The problem is the form is supposidly "required by law" according to the guy who called and I am "late, late, late".

It probably IS required by law and I probably AM late, late, late.  Now I'm really not happy and will have to be forced to fill out the form.  They guy calling was just doing his job I'm sure, but he could barely speak English, could not pronounce any common name he read (mine, my business name, the name of our town, and the name of our state).  When asked what HIS name was, I was assured it was "Bob". 

I'm putting money that it wasn't actually Bob - only "Bob" for purposes of these calls.  I'm also putting money that "Bob" wasn't even IN the United States.  Don't know that for a fact, but the whole conversation reminded me of the show "Out Sourced".

We could have a phone bank in our town and hire local people who can be understood by the people that are paid to bother.  That might be a better use of Federal funds.

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05/29/2013 1:56PM
This Is Going to Read All Wrong
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