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Things that make me sick...

Ok... I must admit... I have been laid low by a stomach virus the last couple of days.  But it got me thinking... what else makes me sick?  Here are a few examples..

-- Underachieving football teams.  In my crosshairs right now... the Cincinnati Bengals.  With a chance to lock down the Number 2 seed, they give up 21 points in ways that reminded me of the "Bungles" days of the 1990's.  A punt blown off course 2 feet by the wind, mis-handled, and resulting in a safety.  A litany of broken tackles-- not to mention a broken jaw to punter Kevin Huber-- in a straignt-middle punt return TD.  Two mitigating factors, though-- Ben Roethlisberger was 12 for his first 12 throwing the ball, and the Bengals made a game of it in the second half-- but this was a beat-down, pure and simple.  The good news?  The Bengals are at PBS-- Paul Brown Stadium-- their last 2 regular season games.  They have a perfect record at home, and they start with a Minnesota team that is down a bit this Sunday. 

-- The Colts' getting the bad end of a trade with the Cleveland Browns.  I have NO idea what is wrong with Trent Richardson.

-- Inflated salaries for baseball players.  Money equals power-- as I have grown older, I am more sure now than ever, in this world, that is the truth.  Or, as Michael Douglas' "Wall Street" character Gordon Gekko opined, "Greed... is good. Greed works."  More to the point, HOW IN THE WORLD can anyone spend 600 million dollars IN ONE LIFETIME????

-- Entitlement attitudes in players.  I do wax nostalgic for a time when heroes-- sports and otherwise-- were tough men.  Not to say you don't see that today... but there are too many whiners who feel they are entitled to let their emotions run away with them.  Football wide receivers seem to be in that lot more than usual.  Dez Bryant, anyone?  Randy Moss?  Terrell Owens?  Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco?  At least one macho position remains in the league.. the offensive front line and defensive front seven.  Thankfully, those spots are where men are men and running backs are nervous.  And give running backs their due... there isn't much whining going on there either...

--  Any team out of Cincinnati.  The Reds-- the Bengals-- UC-- Xavier-- and any other collective out of the Queen City have the same problem... Loads of talent-- but not the mentality to get to the ultimate prize.  It is a sickness in southern Ohio-- and I, as a fan of both Cincinnati professional franchises-- hope for a remedy soon.  This is getting to epidemic proportions...

And finally...

-- I am sick of the NBA.  Yeah, they want younger fans so they play up the hip hop part of it.  But what about the other 90 percent of American culture who doesn't get it?  I feel the NBA is saying, "let us eat cake."  Please, NBA, don't forget there are a lot of fans who don't wear jewelery in strange places, and don't have tattoos....Thank you very much...

                                That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.

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12/17/2013 7:39AM
Things that make me sick...
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