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There is no thing like ball for the holidays...

     Welcome back to the Christmas tournament!  You were missed from around 1980 to the mid-1990's, but slowly, surely, the tournament is back!  It is not only back, it is better than ever-- instead of the old 4-team, one-day setup, you see eight-- and in some cases, 16-- teams playing over multiple days.
       With the Christmas-era tournament comes the various Christmas formats.  I love the doubleheader pool format of the Toyota Teamwork Classic in Gibson County.  I flat loved that tournament, and in one sense, I am sorry North Knox isn't there.  Not to say that they aren't in good tournaments now-- the separate Vincennes tournaments they are in are almost as compelling-- but I love that doubleheader boys-girls format over 3 days, and the free-for-all final day of competition.  
        Other formats include a straight 16-team elimination format (Pizza Hut in Terre Haute), and 8-team pool play (McDonald's Tournament in Vincennes).  There is also an 8-team elimination tourhament (Niehaus Girls' Classic and Graber Post boys' tournament), and an old-fashined, four-team one day tournament (Hall of Fame).  
          I love the return of the Christmas tournament, in all this various formats.  it is a great way to compete for a midseason honor-- and keep kids in shape for January play to come.  It can also bring either a lot of regional teams in, or even teams from across the state and other states.  (Check Richmond's Bob Wettig Tourhament for that one-- it could be one of the only truly statewide-- and multi-state-- basketball tourhaments in Indiana.)  No matter how your team performs, let the Christmas season games begin!! 

                                             That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee.

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12/18/2013 7:49AM
There is no thing like ball for the holidays...
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