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The Salute

This weekend's Salute to World War II Veterans at the Indiana Military Museum is really important - not just to the Museum and its attendance numbers, but to the veterans who will be saluted.  While I have not done an exhaustive study, every World War II veteran I have ever talked with was proud of their service.  It doesn't matter how tough or easy the duty was, it was duty that they are proud to have completed.

We all know the statistics of the World War II veterans death numbers - thousands each week.  The special live stories told by those veterans will be silenced shortly.  My father was in the Navy at the end of the war and he is 88.  My mother-in-law was a Navy Nurse and she's 92.  Neither will be around much longer and their comrads in arms who are still alive are also about that age.

When you see the WWII vets around town this weekend, give them your personal salute.  They deserve it.  They will probably give you a proud salute back and be quietly proud that others still remember positively their service to our freedom.

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09/06/2013 6:26AM
The Salute
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