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The Monday musings

Random Monday thoughts from a sports broadcaster...

-- Great games Sunday.  I felt (since my Bengals made their usual playoff exit) Denver would win the Super Bowl, and I still do.  The most dangerous player in ANY sport is the one who has something to prove.  Also, isn't it ironic that there are parallels here to John Elway?  Elway needed a legacy win in a Super Bowl, and he got it-- late in his career.  Now, Manning won a Super Bowl earlier with the Colts, but he still has to one-up Tom Brady.  He did it Sunday; now, the Super Bowl looms in just under 2 weeks.

-- The 49'ers had a Super Bowl in their hands, and threw it away with a late interception.  But that doesn't take away from Colin Kapernick's contribution- he is introducing a new type of quarterback to the NFL.  (To think, he was the next pick behind a young man named Andy Dalton...)

--  Oh the joys of playing mainly freshmen.  Indiana defeats Wisconsin on Tuesday, and loses to Northwestern Saturday.  This team will get better-- but are probably a year away from a good NCAA seed.  They may be NIT bound this year, unless they can pick it up the next few weeks.

--  Great wins by North Knox and Rivet on Saturday night.  Warriors blow a good lead, and win a thriller at White River Valley.  This team needed a close win, and they have it.  After a 1-5 start, the Warriors are 4-2 in their last six-- and they are at home the bulk the rest of the season, and for the sectional.  The good news?  They have no seniors, and are playing much better.  The bad news for this year?  Sullivan has a lot of seniors and is the class of this Sectional field.  Anything that happens this year for North Knox is icing-- this is a team that is built for a potential deep run in 2015...

-- Equal time here... Rivet is a good team, but an inconsistent one at times.  Win and a good one over North Knox, lose and a bad one to Day School one day later.  Play strong with Vincennes Lincoln, throw out a disappointing effort at other times.  This team is good; if it gains consistency, it could be a surprise challenger in what is a slightly down sectional field.  Barr-Reeve is state ranked, but I feel Rivet may be the type of team that could take them in a one-game showdown.  For Rivet's aake, I hope it is in the sectional final...

-- Meanwhile, Lincoln does what Lincoln does.  Goes through the season, wins some it shouldn't, loses some it shouldn't, and rounds into shape as a decent threat at tournament time.  Don't put too much stock in the regular season... Lincoln's time is always playoff time.  If you see the Green in your tournatment pairings, prepare for tournament excellence.

-- South Knox is on the right track.  It took Mark Rohrer a year to put his Barr-Reeve lessons to good use, but he has now,  South Knox is quietly becoming the second best team in this sectional behind Sullivan.  The two teams played on Thanksgiving Eve in the opener for both teams; I would love to see what would happen if the two played now.  Sectional time is coming...

-- These are the dog days of basketball for boys and girls' teams.  These next 2 weeks are the hardest for any player-- and for broadcasters.  I have 4 games and a show this week, and 5 games and a show next week.  Teams are sharpening up for pusteason runs, but it can get tiring-- especially with make-up snow games.  Well at least players and broadcasters can round into postseason shape...

-- I had a great random sports thought, but I forgot it.  Must mean I am getting old...

                                  That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.


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01/20/2014 6:52AM
The Monday musings
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