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The Monday musings...

Here are today's musings from a man still recovering from a debilitating sinus infection...

-- I was WRONG.  I thought a quarterback with something to prove is the most dangerous man in sports.  Then again, my quarterback is Andy Dalton, so I am used to it.  That said, last night was more than a win by Seattle-- it was a Seattle sea change.  Young, aggressive, read-option oriented team lays the wood to an aging, antequated, team with a statuesque quarterback.  Mark my words here-- the end is near for the immobile "pocket" quarterback-- like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, et al.  You saw the future of football last night, and its name is the Seattle Seahawks.  This is the biggest sports shift since the "Fab Five" from Michgan shook things up in 1989.  

-- Speaking of Michigan, what an effort by Indiana to defeat Michgan on Super Sunday.  The Hoosiers needed another signature victory, and they got one-- sending the Wolverines to their first conference loss of the season.  It was a weekend where all across the country, the ranked were becoming the filed.  Now that the Super Bowl is over, it is time to focus on college basketball... Indiana is just... this... close... to being in the NCAA's.  Now it has to go on a winning streak-- including winning... of all places... ON THE ROAD...

--If Indiana can't recover...and Notre Dame can's turn it around, Indiana will likely be shut out of the NCAA's again.  It happened last, I believe, in 2009.  Before that-- it was 1971 since an Indiana team wasn't in college basketball's marquee event.  But at least now the Hoosiers are back in the discussion of an at-large berth...

-- North Knox had a week to remember.  2A #4 Sullivan last Tuesday... 1A #4 Barr-Reeve's girls last Thursday, and 3A #10 Washington's girls on Saturday-- all victories for the Warriors and Lady Warriors.  Are there still visible flaws on each of these teams?  Yes! But you got to love their spirit, and they found a way to win 3 games they weren't expected to.  I have broadcast North Knox sports since 1996, and I have very rarely seen a week like this one.

                                         That's my take...I'm Tom Lee. 

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02/03/2014 6:55AM
The Monday musings...
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