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The Joys of Twitter

     Ahhhhhh Twitter... the joy and scourge of humanity.  Sports personalities have taken to Twitter to tout themselves (Chad Johnson/Ochocinco); let everyone know what they had for dinner (every known athlete in the universe); or embrace friends and blast enemies (again, too many to mention). 
      I do not currently have a Twitter account.  I am on Facebook, and am rather active on it at this time.  Which brings me to sports personalities.  How many times have personalities pressed "send" and wished they hadn't?  Passions can be a good thing-- but not immediately after something has happened.  Many places have a seven-day wait to purchase guns-- maybe a seven-minute wait would be good before making a statement to the Twitterverse.
       I do not do a # yet; not to say I won't eventually.  It may be a matter of time before you see an @tomlee address.  But for now, I am Twitter-free, in my personal life anyway.  The stations I work with DO have Twitter accounts, and I follow them for sports scores during my broadcasting in season.  You can follow as well at the Original Company Vincennes' Twitter sites; I recommend it-- it is the best way to keep up on scores from across southwest Indiana.  I don't have Twitter yet... but a little bird is tweeting me it may not be long in coming...

                                                        That's my take... I'm Tom Lee.

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07/31/2013 6:40AM
The Joys of Twitter
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