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  "My Town and Yours"  Thoughts and  Observations of Mark Lange

The Great Speed Bump

Wow.  What a weekend for Vincennes.  All day Friday the town was buzzing.  Traffic was heavy.  People were smiling.  And it rained some.  All evening Friday the town was rocking.  The Alice's game had a positive outcome, the queen was beautiful, and the pavillion was full.  Then the rains came - and came hard slowing down the celebrations a bit.  Saturday came with more rain and most outdoor activities were relegated to something less indoors.  And Saturday night?  More rain - even some minor flooding.  And the celebrations?  Just took a bit longer to get to, mussed some new hair styles, wrinkled some clothes selected especially to impress both that hot quiet girl in the back row some hoped would show up for the reunion, AND that jock who poked fun (it's now called bullying) at you in study hall.  The rain?  While heaving was just a speed bump designed to make us slow down bit and give somene an operning line to that girl who did show up to the reunion.

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10/06/2013 10:01AM
The Great Speed Bump
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