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The Good Times

The cold samp weather really makes it tough to keep positive during the short days of February, but around our town many of us make some off hours a little more positive with High School Basketball.  Boys or Girls - it's all good.  Maybe the middle schoolers run around in packs too much.  Maybe there is too much salt on the pop corn to make it healthy.  Maybe even a bunch of adults don't remember much about the game, but they do feel better when the game is over.  Being out with others. Catching up with the neighbors.  Catching up ON the neighbors.  Having real interaction with friends.
Attending the games in person have a much more positive effect on people than "frineding" someone on a computer.  My suggestion - just a suggestion:  Take a night off and attend a high school sporting event this month and you'll feel a lot more positive.

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02/05/2013 6:21AM
The Good Times
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