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  "My Town and Yours"  Thoughts and  Observations of Mark Lange

The First One

This isn’t the first time I started a Blog.  When we first got a web site years ago it included a space where I was allowed to post my thoughts and observations.  It wasn’t a “Blog” and it wasn’t “Posted” because nobody except the most savvy computer geek knew that “Blog” stood for “Web Log” and “Posted” was referring to an electronic refrigerator note.  But now there are a lot of Blogs and Posting is a requirement to get through the day and be a viable electronic media.  A couple of questions need to be answered:


1.)    How often will the Blog be produced?  (See, the terms sound so normal now.)

A:  Now and again….

2.)    What subjects will be Posted? 

A:  Just stuff – mostly about our area…

3.)    What if readers want to comment on the Post?  (Even more natural as the

terms are repeated.)

A:  There should be a place for a thread (another of those cool technical words), but I’ll have to ask the computer people how that can be set up.


You might even send ideas.  My email is

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09/16/2011 4:40PM
The First One
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