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The Debut

Welcome to the Silent e Blog. Why the name? I've gone through pretty much my whole life with people mispronouncing and mispelling my last name, Forde...with a silent e.

Very exciting that the Cardinals are still alive in the postseason. I love that in the days of social media, the Rally Squirrel has found a home both on Facebook and on Twitter. Let's hope he travels well to Philadelphia.

Here's our game plan for Friday night. We're going to bring you four events on WTAY/WTYE and on We'll have the Robinson game on 101.7 WTYE and the Cardinals on ESPN 1570 WTAY. The Oblong and Palestine Hutsonville football games can be found on

News town has officiall set Trick or Treat Hours. Oblong will go 5-8 on October 31. Other communities will be setting their Trick or Treat Nights in the next few days.

Had a listener ask about Fall Cleanup yesterday. Here's the schedule we have so far:

Oblong: October 13
Palestine: October 26
Robinson: October 17-21 (On regular trash day)

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10/06/2011 7:27AM
The Debut
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