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The County Fair

It seems like we all used to stop and spend "fair week" tripping through the dust and slogging through the mud.  The number of teens who slept with their livestock was high.  The booths and buildings were bulging with businesses and entries.  The lines at the Pork Producers feed were long every night.  And the carnival was alive.

Times have changed and just like every other activity, competition has taken its toll.  It's still "fair week" and those who attend will still trip through the dust and slog through the mud - because it WILL rain hard at least one day.  But the number of those spending evening after evening at the fair has dropped over the years and will probably continue to drop.  It's too hot for most teens to sleep in unairconditioned barns and besides there are so many jobs in town that require their attendance.  Booths get more space and fewer and fewer "in town" businesses spend the time and money to show their wares at the fair.  The carnivals has fewer barkers and riders and those tatoos?  Everyone has them now.  And the Pork Producers?  It's harder and harder to draw the crowds that packed the food selling and helped raise enough money to get them through a year of promotion and education.

Too bad.  Because the dust is the dustiest, the mud the muddiest, the displays still the results of really hard work, the carnival still a mixture of danger and excitement  And the Pork?  Still melts in your mouth.

Hope to see you at the fair.  Stop by our radio station booth and enter to win some really fun prizes.

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07/22/2013 6:22AM
The County Fair
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