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The Corner Lot

Check out the Corner Lot at 2nd and Main in Vincennes.  While we will never have a building that matches much of the rest of Main Street, we at least don't have a pile of ruble waiting for a court order that wouldn't have been followed.  Thanks to the City, VU, and the Hospital.  We all know that there will be public money spent on the cleanup, but that's better than waiting forever for some private "cleanup fairy" to wisk the mess away.

The Non-political Zone designation of the spot is no more than a nice marketing ploy.  All city property should be non-political even if there is plenty of politics going on.  What it should be designated as is a non-manufactured building spot.  That is not an indictment of manufactured buildings, but a hope that anything developed there should better match the surrounding area.

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10/02/2012 5:04PM
The Corner Lot
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