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The "Card"

Overheard at a Vincennes beauty parlor:  "I signed up for Obama Care and when my insurance card came it was from Anthem.  So I don't know if I'm covered?"

I am not a health insurance representative and certainly not a politician, but I am surprised about how many people think they will receive a government insurance card if they buy their health insurance from the government run insurance sales web site called The Exchange.  Over thirty thousand Hoosiers have signed up at the exchange and not one has received or will receive a government health insurance card. 

The Affordable Care Act - or Obama Care as it has been labeled is a mandate to buy or be covered by private insurance.  There are government subsidies for low and lower income individuals and families, but nobody will get a government health insurance card.  We already have that and its called Medicaid and Medicare.  Medicare and Medicaid were started in 1965.  Medicare covers about 43 Million Americans.  In 2009 62.9 Million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid for at least one month.  I know those numbers are true because I read them on the Internet.

And the local lady that was surprised that she got covered by Anthem and didn't get an insurance card with "OBAMA CARE" emblazened on it?  I bet she read about Obama Care on the Internet too..

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01/14/2014 5:19AM
The "Card"
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