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Thanks for the Concern

When the national company where we "park" this web site lost service yesterday for awhile our visitors could not get to our pages.  While many of us still marvel at how this all works, it has still become part of our lives.

A lot of people were concerned that they couldn't get what they wanted when they wanted it because of the downtime.  It was fixed quickly and we were back up an running before ten yesterday morning.

Thanks to all of you who depend on us for radio, print, and digital information and entertainment.  We take our responsibility seriously and are working to make our infrastructure more dependable every day.

I think that's what that new little box with the flashing lights is doing in the corner of my office.  Some sort of additional backup system is what they've said.  I wonder if it is something more though?  Could "they" be spying on me?  Could it be a secret device to... 

I've got to quit watching those spy movies on television.

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03/20/2013 6:17AM
Thanks for the Concern
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