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Thank a Vet

A lot of us will spend some time today to thank a veteran.  But we should really set asside more than just one day to thank veterans.  World War Two veterans are passing at a rate of thousands a day.  A lot of them will not see next Veterans Day.  Korean War and even Viet Nam War vets are reaching the end of their lives and may have just a few more Veterans Days left.

Say a thanks.  Start with yourself.  If you are a vet be proud - we're proud of your service.  You should be too.  Say thanks to your kin who are vets.  Uncle Bruce, Uncle Ralph, Uncle Ronnie, Mother-In-Law Maggie, and Dad all did the WW II or Korean War tour.  Two were injured.  Three are still around to be thanked.  Thank your siblings who were vets.  Thank you kids who made a tough choice and joined the military.  Thanks Aaron.  Thank the neighbors - Ed and Brian. 

But we should also thank the support of those vets.  Spouses, moms, siblings, and dads.  Thanks Aunt Carole, Aunt Carol, Aunt Helen, Charlie, and Mom.  Thanks Maria, SKL, JL and CL.

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11/11/2013 6:21AM
Thank a Vet
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