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Test Away

The Black Towwnship Trustee in Posey has decided to offer emergency assistance to her citizens only if they pass a drug test prior to receiving the services.  Lindsay Suits says 30% of the tests have come back positive in the first three weeks of the program.  She says anyone who tests positive can reapply for assistance if they participate in substance abuse treatment.
In my opinion, there are two positives about the process.  The first is giving assistance to people who are clean.  The second is offering assistance to people who GET clean.  Lindsay says her office will consider helping pay for the substance abuse programs, but nobody has agreed to get help since she started the testing.
Will someone sue over the requirements?  You bet.  Will they win?  Hope not.  Seven states already require welfare applicants to have drug screenings so maybe the process in Posey County will stand.  Hope so.

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01/28/2013 6:15AM
Test Away
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