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Tebow's final arrow?

     Has the final arrow come from the arm of Tim Tebow?  Has Tebow Time finally reached 15:00?  If it has come to an end, this 15 minutes of fame was well spent. 
      Tim Tebow came out of Florida with a Heisman trophy, a well-deserved reputation for leadership, and a LOT of doubters.  If Tebow's NFL career is over, he still has 2011 to hang his hat on.  You remmber 2011?  The year the Denver Broncos reversed a 1-6 start to make the playoffs-- and win a dramatic overtime victory, thanks to a Tebow TD pass.  Remember Tebowing?  2011 seems a long time ago...
      I said when it happened the move of Tebow to the New York Jets was trouble.  A lot of people agreed-- and were proven right that he should have went back to Jacksonville, to his hometown Jaguars.  But that is water under the bridge now; as far as a QB is concerned, he is poison to all the general managers in the league.  The consensus?  His talent is not worth the Tebow circus.
      Or is it?  Many-- including ESPN's Colin Cowherd-- are pusing a move to the CFL for Tebow.  I agree.  He is not fish and he is not fowl-- he is a different breed of QB.  I agree with Cowherd on this one... he needs to swallow his pride, go to the CFL  for a bit, and refine his skills.  If he can do that, and thrive there, he could be an in-demand QB again.  It has happened before-- remember Doug Flutie?  Warren Moon?  Even Kurt Warner honed his skills in the Arena League before making it big.  If Tebow can swallow his ego-- and just like almost all 23 year-olds, it is pretty large-- and do some time in the CFL, it may be Tebow Time again in the NFL-- but with an older, wiser, more mature Tim Tebow.  It just makes sense.
                                               That's my take.... I'm Tom Lee.

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04/30/2013 7:54AM
Tebow's final arrow?
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