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Taking a Dead Spin on the Hall Vote

     Of all the gall!  Noted columnist-- and Baseball Hall of Fame voter Dan LeBatard gives his vote to the voters of  What is the gall here?  The sanctimonious backlash from his action.
      Mike and Mike discussed this issue at length-- and agreed with LeBatard.  Tony and Michael-- of Pardon the Interruption-- disagreed vehemently with the action.  I admit-- as did Greeny and Golic-- it would have been worse if the LeBatard/Deadspin ballot wasn't very legit.  Those Deadspin selections were good picks-- and LeBatard had to sign his name to the ballot in the end.
      Will LeBatard lose his vote?  Almost certainly.  Will he worry much about it?  I don't think so.  LeBatard said his vote doesn't matter, due to differences over the steroid era exclusions to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Is he right?  In some ways, yes!  The Hall vote is MUCH to parsimonious-- but the Baseball Hall of Fame IS the most hallowed of all the Halls.  Do the steroid-era players belong? Yes-- but with the passing of years.  Barry Bonds should be in anyway, from his play before the PED problems started.  Roger Clemens-- same case.  Mark McGwire?  Yes, but not for his numbers-- but for his impact on the game.  (See O'Neil, Buck-- who should go in for HIS impact on the game-- back when the only performance enhancer they knew was a good size T-bone steak.)  Oh, and yes, Pete Rose should go into the Hall of Fame-- but I think it won't happen until he passes away.  
       Bottom line-- Dan LeBatard was trying to prove a point.  He did-- and will will see the fallout from that point in the days to come.

                                          That's my take...I'm Tom Lee.

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01/09/2014 7:41AM
Taking a Dead Spin on the Hall Vote
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