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Taking It Into Their Own Hands

Silly Question of the Day:  Why is it that Goodwin Funeral Home for example has to pay their own money to have curbs that are all broken up along 6th Street repaired?

Obvious Answer of the Day:  Because the Goodwin owners want their property to look as good as it can look and to be as safe as possible and the City either doesn't care or can't afford to take care of the curbs in Vincennes.

While city streets should not be individual taxpayers' responsibility, sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it yourself.  City officials will probably be thankful for the Goodwin citizen curb work.  But let's not take it too far.  City officials would not be thankful if property owners took care of the lane painting that is also in need of refurbishing.

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07/12/2013 6:19AM
Taking It Into Their Own Hands
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