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Still America's Game

I was in St. Louis this past weekend when it was announced that Stan Musial had died at 92.  The Cardinals stadium was just down the street and a crowd of people started going to the Musial statue near the stadium and continued coming - dropping off flowers and other items.

Many of the people who came never saw him play a game.  They were too young.  But they came anyway.  Almost all never met the man personally.  But they came anyway.  It wasn't just about sports.  It was also about a legacy of greatness.  Stan WAS the Man in St. Louis.

What about our town?  Who would cause such an outpouring?  What would make us congregate in positive remberance of a life gone?
No answers (again), just questions. 

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01/21/2013 6:20AM
Still America's Game
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