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Spring Finally Here to Stay

Even with relatively low temperatures this morning, we can officially list Spring as here in our town.  The farmers are out dragging equipment from field to field.  The birds are up early and loud about it.  There's Green Thumb Thursday at Perk A Lawn Gardens.  And the battle for tables is heating up at area restaurants on Saturday night.  Yep.  It's Prom Season.

Didn't get into it much in high school back in the old days.  Guess I missed out on the concept of actually inviting a girl to the prom and not waiting for her to ask me.  Didn't get into it much when my kids were in high school and still don't want to know what those dresses cost.  And now, with the battle for tables at restaurants on Saturday night after Saturday night, it seems like Prom Season will come back to haunt me every year.

When the grand daughters go to the prom, I'm all in!  But what if they wear a gown too mature for them?  What if they go with some tough kid with a twinkle in his eye?  Never mind.  I'm NOT all in.

Stop the madness.

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04/12/2013 6:18AM
Spring Finally Here to Stay
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