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Sometimes You've Just Got to Change

Sometimes you've just got to suck it up and say a change needs to be made.  That's what the Vincennes Historic Board did recently.  They ammended an October 1st approval concerning a home remodeling after getting more accurate information.  The change is not the point.  The fact that there was a change at all is important.

Too often it seems that elected officials are unwilling to make adjustments in their stands no matter what information becomes available.  But appointed boards in general and the Vincennes Historic Review Board in this case in particular are not so set in their opinions.  I wonder why.  Could it be they don't have to make decisions always with an eye of getting reelected?  Is it that they don't get paid much for their work so they can think about the facts, not about the paycheck?  Is it that most appointed board members are people who already know something about the issues they will deal with on the board they are appointed to?  Probably YES to all three.

And elected office holders?  There is nothing in the Constitution requiring a person running for an elected office to hold any skills for that office.  Sometimes we get lucky and get good ones - like many of our elected Vincennes and Knox County elected office holders.  Sometimes we miss the mark -  and get some not so qualified or focused on the real tasks elected for like some of our state and national office holders.

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11/07/2013 6:00AM
Sometimes You've Just Got to Change
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