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Simple, Smart Decisions

Sometimes the best decisions are the simplest ones.

The Robinson City Council made a great move changing the stop light at the intersection of Main Street and Allen Street. Drivers will see the impact in a few weeks when the new stop lights are installed. They'll include a left turn signal for drivers trying to turn from Main to Allen.

If you've ever tried to make that turn, you know how frustrating and potentially dangerous that can be. At some of the busiest times of day, it can be hard for one car to turn left there let alone multiple cars. Often, you'll see a driver turning on red because they're too far into the intersection to do anything else. You'll also see drivers take chances and turn in front of someone else.

The new signal should put an end to a lot of that and a lot of frustration. This is also one of the simplest changes to ease traffic on Main Street. We all know some of the trouble spots and this is one of the few that can be taken care of with a simple fix.

The Hutsonville Village Board also made a simple and smart decision last night. The village was approached by the National Weather Service about monitoring the river stage in Hutsonville. That's currently taken care of at Ameren's power plant, but since that's going to close at the end of the year, someone needed to take over. The village is a logical choice to provide that valuable service. The village has also assured us that they will provide us with the weather data on the river so people in this area know what's happening.

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12/14/2011 8:09AM
Simple, Smart Decisions
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