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School Time Already

Eight days from today a number of school corporations will begin classes for the Fall Term.  August 9th.  Certainly not when I started school back in the 50's.  It's the sign of the times.  School districts in our area are carefully moving toward what is now call a Balanced Schedule.  Originally called Year Round School, balanced schedules have shorter breaks over the hot summer months but make up for the early start by adding more vacation days during Fall, Christmas, and Spring breaks.

The purpose is to keep kids more on task and educate the children better.  Does it work?  Most educators say it does.  And since education is the foundation of a strong society, let's go for it.  We don't need the children working in the fields any more.  We need them to be able to read and write and work together in society.

Next year will we start school around here even earlier?  Bet we do.

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08/01/2013 6:20AM
School Time Already
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