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Salute to Custodians

With all the flu-like sickness around our town right now, we are more aware of a lot of things:  Keep visits down at the hospital, wash your hands a lot, wipe down your computer key board and eat better - whatever THAT means.

Thanks to all the health care providers who have been working through this.  We should also take a moment to salute all the school custodians, teachers, aids, and administrators who have had to add "clean up specialist" to their already long job descriptions.  Lots of kids are getting sick at school right now and they generally don't have the ability to "feel it coming" on like many adults can.  Kids sometimes panic.  They generally "don't make it" and that's where those additional duties come in.
Next time you see an educator thank them for the extra clean up work, but skip the hand shake.

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01/18/2013 6:16AM
Salute to Custodians
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