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Dave Young


I remember when-itis.

As I continue to approach my golden years (whatever those are) I notice one sign of aging is becoming more and more obvious.  I am not talking about thinning hair, aching joints or having to get up in the middle of the night to pee but something I  call "I remember when-itis".  It seems alot  of my conversations these days begin with "Iremember when.."  you know like I remember when gas was 29 cents a gallon, I remember when the Beatles were a new group, I remember when the milkman delivered the milk to your door,  I remember when my first car cost a whole $100,  I remember when there were two major league baseball all star games each summer, I remember when they had the first earth day.  You get the idea I can go on for hours.
Usually the people who get to hear my 'I remember when-itis" the most are my now adult daughters who  just roll their eyes when I start and politely wai till I'm done..  I have even started  the  I remember whens on my grandaugters.  Their respones is usually "Grandpa be quiet Dora is on TV right now."
Everybody has a little "i remember when-itis" in them but I don't think it really kicks into high gear until  about the time you're 55 or over.
So please be patient when I begin to wax  nostalgic, in another couple of years I won't be able to remember anything any more.
By the way I remember when Al Gore discovered the internet.

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04/24/2013 10:11AM
I remember when-itis.
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